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Tips on how to solve the problem of Acer recovery disk

January 24th, 2012

Today, most of the people prefer to use Acer laptops as it offers you many distinctive features and it is also available in variety of colors. Having lack of knowledge about the various technicalities of laptops can cause number of problems. Recently, there have been a lot of complaints coming about the Acer recovery disk. You will not be aware of this fact that Acer aspire has been built on BIOS routine recovery format and this means that BIOS will be flashed even if the system is not booting. These distinctive features are only meant for the emergencies, but if this causes any problem in your Acer laptop and then it can completely void the warranty. Therefore, it is recommended that you should use this option at your own risk.

Identifying hidden reasons
There are number of hidden reasons due to which your Acer recovery disk system may not be functioning in a proper way. One of the causes can be that PQSERVICE hidden partition has been damaged or it has been completely erased, or the case can be you have replaced its disk and this time it is not available. In this kind of scenario, you will be required to make use of the Acer recovery disk. In case, if you have not taken the back of all the data that is present in your system through an image disk, then you will not be in the position to make use of D2D recovery. Another reason is that MBR which means that Master Boot Record of Acer was replaced or it was damaged through MBR non-Acer. Now, if the PQSERVICE hidden partition is present in your hard disk, you will be in the position to put all the necessary files and you will be able to re-install the Master Boot Record of Acer.

Acer Recovery Disk

Windows functional system
In order to solve this problem of Acer recovery disk, on a windows functional system, you will be required to follow simple steps. Foremost, you will be required to disable D2D recovery option that is present in the BIOS along with it you need to open the Windows session through the help of an account administrator. Lastly, you will be required to download, unzip and then launch part-edit32. This is a registration that will be required to done for the purpose of downloading. You can also solve your this problem by pressing ALT and F10 simultaneously, but make sure that you press these keys in the starting of your laptop. You should always remember that there are different methods for solving this problem of Acer recovery disk on a system which has a non functional Window. In case, you are having less of knowledge and you find technicalities in dealing with the operating system of your Acer laptop, then it is recommended that you should avoid solving this problem on your own. If, you will be doing any kind of damage to your system, then you will have to bear the entire responsibility and the cost of which will not be borne by the company.